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Date: 3/7/03 11:59:33 PM > Subject:
Sad news > >

Hello, a message to let you know that my darling Don passed away this evening. It was a peaceful ending for him and he was surrounded by his loving and grieving family.

Sue >

From--- David Hart --- ---

From: Donald Bowman's wife
To: Karen P Bowman
Cc: Walt Bowman ; Jim Patton ; Janet Simmons ; Dot Holtz ; Herb Sabel ; Gloria Herington ; Art Treptow ; Ana Elder ; Ralph Sinclair ; Ruth Renfrew ; ruth rupecht ; Ninon Crane ; Marlow Bumpus ; Doris Webber ; Betty Rogers

Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 9:56 PM

Hi all,

I'm sorry that I'm not keeping you up to date very often, but it's difficult. There are so many things happening it seems, and so much to do, that I'm pretty tired at the end of the day. Don is half-way through his radiation, and has had one chemo. He has slipped quite a bit, partly from the radiation, probably not from the one chemo, and partly from the steroids that he has to take to prevent swelling in the brain.

He's VERY tired all the time. This started last Thursday and has gotten progressively worse. He sleeps probably 23 hours a day now. It's not easy to get him to drink anything or eat anything, and he has to do both, particularly when he takes his medicine. He's very dehydrated and he had to have an IV of a saline solution yesterday, and today, and tomorrow.

We just take it one day at a time so it's difficult to predict what each day will bring. They wanted to put him in the hospital today but he didn't want that, at least not yet. If he was in the hospital they could hydrate him continuously, and realistically they still might happen.

Doug and Leslie have been a godsend. Actually all the kids have been great. Karen and Mike were here all weekend helping me. Kathy called today and said they took both her casts off her legs and she has braces on now so she can drive and she and Dane will be coming up one day this weekend. Lisa is on call anytime. Leslie is staying over tonight to help me in the morning.

Don has to be at the oncology center at 9:45 and that means we have to be ready to leave by 9:15 to allow for traffic. By the time I get up, walk Petey, eat breakfast and get myself cleaned up, and then try to get Don up and medicated, dressed, fed, if possible, and out it seems to take forever.

Not complaining you realize, just stating the facts. They are stopping the chemo while he's still having radiation.

As I figure it right now, he will be through with it to the head a week from Friday, and then one more treatment on the spine the following Monday. Then we can take him off the steroids and hopefully a lot of what's happening right now will end.

Everyone has been so great. Friends have brought food over, and although he's not really eating much, he does eat a little of whatever I have around, and that has been a huge help. There's so much to think about that food is at the bottom of the list of todos.

Oh yes, another complication from the steroids is his blood sugar has soared so now I must test him twice a day and he's on medication for it. This should pass when we're done with all of this.

Don't let all this scare you. They assure me that it should get better.

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