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Sorry [to Nana]

Now you have made me do some research and a good thing as I had Isaac's birth State wrong. I have much work to do if I want to get this put together; partially due to conflicting dates, close but not exact. I have it all figured out for Dimmick Lattin from his birth on but not the rest. I have most of the information; I just haven't sorted it out. Much of what I have is from Joanne in IL I believe, Sue Lattin in VA, another Lattin in CA....and the only things I can thoroughly trust are the recorded documents I have uncovered including photographs of grave stones from the Indian/white graveyard in Carthage MO. otherwise known as the Sidensticker graveyard. That graveyard has been partially plowed under and most of the stones removed. The remaining stones are in a fenced area in the middle of a farmer's field.

Dimmick was born in NY in 1800 and his brother Isaac was born in VT (not CT) in 1790. I can't put my hands on the birthplace of their father at the moment and may not have it. I think I have it somewhere but it may be someone's speculation. Dimmick and Isaac showed up in OH in the early 1800's Dimmick settled in Miami Co. and purchased land there. He married Catherine Saunders, b. 1806, d. 1835 after at least one child, Sarah Ann Lattin b. abt 1825 d. 1856. Dimmick married Serena Taylor in 1837. She was born in 1815 and died in 1872. I have Dimmick's death as 1872 taken from his gravestone but Joanne has it as 1875. According to Joanne, they had 6 children: Arther b. 1838 OH., Amanda b. 1840 OH., Mary b. 1843 OH., George b. 1845 IN.,Eliza b. 1845 IN. and Catherine b. 1852 IN. There were at least 3 more I found in the Sidenstidker graveyard with Dimmick, Ruth a b. 1853, d. 1857, Asher b. 1858, d. 1859 and L. S. Lattin no dates. Also there is a Willie Sawyers Son of W.C. & M.C. Sawyers, d. 1875. ( Mary C Lattin married a Sawyers.) On a confusing note, a Mary C Lattin also married Frank Long in 1884 in Jefferson AR. Something else to sort out if it mattered was the fact that J. W. and Mary C Sawyer lived in CO. with two children and George Lattin in 1880. Mary must have returned to AR and something happened to J.W. after 1880. There were a lot of miners in the family including Lattins, Dillons and maybe Samuel Bumpus who died young. About the only employment in the tri-State area of MO-OK-KA was farming, mining and smelter work. Samuel was listed in the 1870 census as a carpenter and in 1880 as a laborer.

Another Lattin researcher has the origin of the Lattin family as follows; "The Lattin family is thought to have started in the 12th or 13th century with various spellings, Lattin, Latyn, Latoun, etc. The family is said to have sprung from the House of Estouteville of upper Normandy. After the conquest were Barons of Lydedale or Cumberland. One of them, Walter, is said to have taken the name of Latton but retaining the Stutville Coat of Arms. 'Antiquities of Berkshire' says that the Lattins obtained grants from King John at Morristown Lattin in Kildare Ireland. (the dammed Irish again)   Richard Lattin came to Boston in 1638 from England, was in Concord MA. in 1643, Fairfield CT. in 1646, Hampstead Long Island in 1654 and Oyster Bay in 1660. He bought land from the Indians called Lattington tract and died in 1672."   We likely descend from one of his sons if he isn't a total fabrication.

I have no plans of trying to confirm any of this but it has been my experience that people often invent connections to royalty. I currently suspect that our connection to Prime Minister, Lord Fredrick North of England was through a daughter Nancy who didn't exist. Yet his daughter Anne could be the Nancy connection as Nancy was then a nickname for Anne. Ann North, I believe, was called Brandy Nan because of her love of Brandy in later years. I have been working with a stuffy "North" historian in England who is working on the problem.


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Oka-a-a-ay. But could you make the following passage a bit clearer? I didn't quite figure it out.

I have been able to find a connection to the father and brother of Dimmick Lattin who was born in NY in 1800 and his brother Isaac in CT in abt 1890

Sounds like a lot of work you have gone to.   I know it's hard to get the past right. Most people don't even have the present right. Note the incredible folklore, sworn to as truth, that has grown up around some of those still alive.   People usually believe what they want to believe, don't you think?. N

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>As you know, each time a story is told, there is a chance to get it wrong. That may be due to not understanding what was said or remembering it wrong. It's very common. Then there is the need to make sense of what we didn't quite understand or remember. Also remember George James was between 6 and 10 years old when his mother died and 15 when his father died. Also I know where Samuel and his parents were born. George James and Clara didn't. That I know from what they told the census takers in later years. The record makers and keepers made mistakes as well. I can imagine what our father was told by his parents and how it could be misunderstood. Also I have a list of George James Bumpus' relatives probably made by Mary just trying to keep them straight and spelling Lattin as Latin. Put Latin in a search engine and see what you get.
>That was a nightmare. Genoa must be a fabrication - who knows whose, but it would surprise me if we didn't have Italian blood. We seem to descend from almost every other nationality. We apparently descend from the Vikings through Hanna, Edouad Bompasse's wife who was likely a light-skinned Indian. At least the latest research points to that. Hanna was thought to be the daughter of Anthony Annabel but if she was he had two daughters with the same name and kept one hidden. There wasn't another Hanna arriving prior to when Edouad married Hanna and as he shunned the church and married in another town where people lived that the Puritans didn't and probably weren't welcome, he didn't have to worry about their wrath.
>I have been able to find a connection to the father and brother of Dimmick Lattin who was born in NY in 1800 and his brother Isaac in CT in abt 1890 but I have found that the Lattin name came to Plymouth MA in about 1638 and they soon worked their way to Long Island where they founded the towns of Oyster Bay and Lattingtown Long Island by the late 1600's. The name came from England as Latting.
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> Wow. Good digging. Is it still possible that Clara Amanda was Italian extraction? I sure would like to have relatives from Genoa. I guess you can't pick the ancesters any more than you can your parents. I heard George (Dad's father) Bumpus' parents perished in the "Great Kansas Flood of 1878". Any part of that fit in? I still believe there is a way to understand what Dad told us, even tho he may have embellished it, like a good Irish storyteller. By the way: Do you know the definition of "Irish Alzheimers"? They forget everything but the grudge. Bye.
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> Hi again
> Did I tell you I found Clara Amanda Bumpus in the 1920 census in Fresno CA. I knew from a post card mailed in 1917 that she was there then but thought she may be visiting. The census puts her birth year at about 1876 in Kansas. She was probably born in MO and had her mother's and father's birth States wrong. Her father was listed as widowed in 1880 and was living on the Carthage Poor Farm. Carthage is where Samuel married Catherine Lattin and they lived on the Lattin farm the following year. Catherine's brother George Lattin was registered on the Carthage plat map as the owner of the 200-acre farm in 1876. George Lattin was living with his sister Mary Lattin and her 2nd husband, J W Sawyer and 2 children in CO in 1880. This tells us that Clara Bumpus was Catherine's daughter and not the daughter of Samuel's second wife, Amanda Ballinger, as I suspected because Amanda was pregnant and living on the Poor Farm with Samuel in 1880. It also tells us Catherine lived 6 years longer than I could find until now. I have to wonder if she died in a flood or river flooding on the way to or from CO. and not in the flood of 72 when a 5 ft wall of water went down the Spring River which went through the Lattin farm - as I had once suspected.
> I have been feeding all this stuff to Margot who puts it on one of her Web sites and Ninon who wants to build a Web site dedicated to our genealogy. At any rate, the more people who have it the less chance there is for it to get lost. I have been lucky in finding old records but still can't get past Samuel Bumpus other than the birth States of his parents. I have sent for the military records for a couple of people named Samuel Bumpus but no response yet. One Samuel Bumpus served in the 8th Indiana Volunteer Infantry that spent much of the Civil War on or near the Lattin Farm where some of the battle of Carthage was waged.
> By for now, Marlow