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Received: 19 Nov 2002 01:53:00 -0000 From: "marlowb" To: "Margot Bishop" Subject: IGI Individual Record Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 17:46:06 -0800 IGI Individual Record


Look what I found.

If Clara A Bumpus married in 1888, must be the daughter of Catherine Lattin and not Amanda Ballinger who was pregnant in 1880.

I now know where to look for them but the 1990 census was burned so I will have to look for local records.


IGI Individual Record FamilySearch=99 International Genealogical =
Index v5.0=20
North America=20
-------------------------------------------------------------------------= ELWOOD BAKER
Male Family

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Event(s)

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Marriages:
Spouse: CLARA A. BUMPUS Family
Marriage: 13 NOV 1888, Allen, Kansas


Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record.

The source records are usually arranged chronologically by the marriage date.


Source Information:

Batch No.: Dates: Source Call No.: Type: Printout Call No.: Type:
M725001 1856 - 1893 1412148 Film NONE


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