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My DNA confirm that we descend from Edouad Bompasse of MA. (The Ship Fortune, 1621) Marlow

name: Barbara Good
subject: Re: Results of DNA
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date: August 27, 2002 at 09:04:55
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Re: Results of DNA

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571388331">Barbara Good (ID *****8331 Date: August 27, 2002 at 09:04:55

Summary of the DNA Results:

Eight Bumpus/Bump male participants were involved in the project to date. There are two descendants of Eduoad Bumpus of Massachusetts, two descendants of Robert Bumpus of North Carolina, two descendants of William Bumpus of Hanover Co. Virginia, and two descendants of another William Bumpus of TN. We identified two separate groups of Bumpus family.

The two descendants of William of TN match 12/12 as was expected as they had paper proof that they were distant cousins. This may indicate that they are descended from our Edward and Robert Bumpus that are in early (1668) Virginia records in New Kent County.

The other six participants, all match 12/12 with the DNA of the Eduoad Bumpus of MA descendants. That puts Robert Bumpus of NC and the Hanover William Bumpus as descending from the same common ancestor as Eduoad Bumpus. Most probably, Robert and William are descended from Eduoad of MA, but if not directly from him, from a very close relation to him.

While we cannot verify a particular person as an ancestor, the DNA can verify that we share common ancestry with another person. DNA verification that Robert of NC, William of Hanover Co. VA, and Eduoad of MA are from a common ancestor, and the second matched group who appear to descend from our early Edward Bumpus of New Kent VA, does give us a solid basis to determine that there are two ancestral lines that arrived in Massachusetts and Virginia in the 1600's.

The DNA Project is set up at Family Tree DNA (not part of the genealogy program or website of FamilyTree) and anyone who is a male Bumpus surname descendant of any Bumpus family can have their DNA tested at any time to determine if they are a match to one of these two groups.

For information on the project, contact
Barbara Good
Bettye Heinrich