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Letter from Wm H. Black, Supt., Jasper Co Poor House Carthage MO.

To U.S. Pension Agent, received at Topeka KA. Feb. 21 1912

Transcribed by Marlow Bumpus 1/5/2003

Dear Sir

Please find herewith Voucher 367689-Mary A. Bumpus a widow. The undersigned has collected this pension for her for a number of years. For several years she has been at the Jasper Co. Poorhouse at Carthage Missouri and she died there on Dec. 23, 1911 at 10 o’clock PM and was buried at the Dudman Cemetery, 10 miles east of Carthage MO. on Dec. 26 1911 by the knell Gunderson Co of Carthage. She was a victim Tuberculosis from which disease she had suffered fie many years.

The undersigned, after acting as her guardian many years was after her death duly appointed Administrator of her estate and has given bond in the Probate Court of Jasper Co MO. and asks that you send a voucher properly fixed so that the pension due estate may be collected.

Yours Truly, Wm H Black