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Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 19:05:17 EDT
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Subject: [BUMP-L] Who is Hannah?
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Hi everyone,
I'm new to BUMP-L, a lurker and an 8th generation Bumpus grandson. I have
read the old archive mail, went thru the LAB from page 1 to 641 and the
Bumpus Bros. web site many links. VERY INTERESTING to say the least.

We all owe Steve Bumpus and his brother Paul our gratitude for putting the
LAB work out on the Internet for us to use 24/7 and for Everett ‘Mark ‘Bumpus
’ work in which without I wouldn't be able to give you
grandmother's LOD.

LAB #8.543, 7.383, 6.190, 5.178, 4.29, 3.10, 2.4, 1.1
8.543, 7.383, 6.556, 5.50, 4.29, 3.10, 2.4, 1.1
8.543, 9.1443, 8.143, 7.87, 6.7, 5.3, 4.1, 3.2, 2.4, 1.1
8.543, 9.1443, 6.106’s son(no LAB#), 5.5, 4.1, 3.2, 2.4, 1.1

Grandma lived to be 88 (1861-1950). I estimate her bloodline was 92% Bumpus’!
My initial research on Grandpa Russell indicates he is also kinfolk to the
Bumpus’. Talk about a close knit family!!! but they did live into their 70’
s, 80’s, 90’s and had plenty of kids! Had to be the gene pool.J

Now that the (DNA) common ancestor question has been resolved and North and
South are again united, can we tackle Edward (The 1st) elusive Hannah? What
is Edward birthday? 1600? 1603? or 1605? 16/18teen seems young to embark upon
a perilous 65-day journey across the pond, solo, maybe a Fortune sailor/crew
member? I love a mystery!

Hannah could have been anyone's daughter, sister, widow or divorcee who
arrived circa 1621-1629, (no Hannah on the Mayflower) via the 6 ships after
the Fortune. ALL recorded Hannah's are spoken for? Annabel is too young, too
married. No Hannah on passenger lists from the other ships? Who was she? The
plot thickens! We need a last name but it's been 373 years! The BIG question
. . . was she one of the colonist or Native American? Some Bumpii think the

Paul Bumpus offered the following statement this past Aug. ‘The Old Comers
would not have been ALLOWED to "marry" Natives. Early arrivals, even though
many, Edouad included, left the colony early on, still were REQUIRED to
attend church meetings and participate in community life etc. and the idea
that Edouad could have married a Native as early as 1632 is absolutely absurd.

The politically correct name for ‘natives’ is Native American.

Not ALLOWED to marry? Why not? The colonists weren't royalty some were
indentured poor folks. The only one with any standing or money was John
Carver who died the 1st year, he chartered the Mayflower. There were no
paying passengers.

The Colony had standards to live by but what about the guys (Edw. the 1st
included) who settled in the new 1627 Duxbury area inhabited by the
Edw., in his twenties has been bride-less for 8 years! Did the Old Comers
have ‘morality police’ keeping ideological watch over those folks who left
the Colony, peeking in their teepees, oops, rude huts in the middle of
Dec./Jan. looking for sinners? I think not!

I’ll play the devil's advocate and suggest Hannah was a Wampanoag (Native
American), hence no last name? Remember History 101, John Smith and
Pocahontas, who was converted to Christianity, baptized, christened Rebecca,
and later married John Rolfe in early 1614? She didn’t have a last name. Her
father Chief Powhatan (who allegedly had 100 wives w/one child from each!)
didn’t have a last name. No!, ‘chief’ was not his first name! That happened
15 years BEFORE Eddie married Hannah in 1629 Duxbury!

The Indians were an intricate part of keeping their crops growing and the
colonists alive in the harsh, freezing cold New England weather. (50 died the
1st year!) There is a statue of Massasoit the great sachem of the Wampanoag
on a hill overlooking Plymouth Rock with the inscription: "Protector and
Preserver of the Pilgrims".

The area known as 1627 Duxbury was inhabited by the Wampanoag (people of the
dawn) who called it Mattakeesett, meaning "place of many fish.". The
Wampanoag were often referred to as "white Indians" due to their light skin
(red hair!) and are believed to have descended from Viking explorers and were
on the decline in 1620 due to diseases brought over by European explorers and
being at war with a neighboring Narragansett tribe.

Intermarriage with people from other nations was an accepted political device
in the Europe of that era. Marriage to one of the local sachem princesses’
(Massasoit had many wives and many princesses) would have provided access to
food sources and would have promoted peace.

I think Hannah has a better chance of being Native American then a colonist
and past Bumpus historians glossed over the fact and now we can’t find any
real evidence of who she actually was!?

Cousin Arthur

Education is what you must acquire without any interference from your
schooling. Mark Twain

FYI: The Wareham (MA) Courier has an obituary index on line covering issues
from 1905-1918 and 1931-1998. Intervening issues were destroyed in 1938, by a
hurricane and flood which inundated the Courier office in downtown Wareham.
The index data was recorded by Betty Ames between 1997 and 2000. and compiled
by Betty Ames and Frances Florindo in April 2000.