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In late June of 1880, 6 year old Clara Amanda Bumpus, 9 year old George James Bumpus and 17 year old Elwood Baker were counted in the census in Cottage Grove, Allen Co., KS., just east of the town of Humboldt Kansas ,as living with John and Mary F Thompson, a "farm family". The way I remember the story is that Clara went to live with a farm family with George James who left there when he was 15 to go live with "Uncle James Bumpus" who owned a tavern. Do I remember it right and what is the rest of the story? Can either of you remember?

The attached map is present day. It doesn't show a town of Cottage Grove. What I find in the actual census photo is that Cottage Grove is a twp and it only has one enumeration district for 1880. It must have been very rural. To this day it's hard to solve a crime in that part of Kansas because almost everyone has identical DNA and no teeth for dental records.


Hi again

I just noticed that Clara Thompson is listed in the 1880 census as "adopted daughter". She went by the name of Clara Bumpus when she married Elwood Baker in Allen Co., Kansas in 1888.