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While I was looking for the letter from Geo J Bumpus sent to Frank Dillon that you asked me to locate some time ago, I found some interesting papers. I have seen them before but they didn't mean much to me.

First I have a Declaration of Homestead record in Fresno CA. by George J Bumpus on behalf of Mary ELLEN Bumpus and it is signed by Mary Ellen Bumpus. We wrongly have her as Mary Elizabeth. I found the letter and will transcribe it as it is very faded, torn and wrinkled. It's dated 106 years ago.

I found an address list, indicating that Clara long (Lattin) lived in Pittsburgh KS. I think she was the one that raised Clara Amanda Bumpus. Now I know where to look for her. The problem is that the address list isn't dated.

Other names on the list are J W McGuire in Sand springs OK, Frank King in Altoona KS, Sid McGuire in Inglewood CO,Dave Dillon in the Army, Bessie Dillon(Dave's wife) in Ft Smith AK, Joseph McGuire in the Army in France and Nova Shea in Seattle.