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I have been looking for a William and a Samuel since I came across that paper. I have also considered that his father may have been a William and for that reason William Samuel would use his middle name. I'm not convinced that "Wm." wasn't a mistake though. There were a lot of mistakes in the pension papers and a lot of conflicting testimony.

Samuel's cousin George Gabriel said that Dimmick Lattin raised Samuel's two children after Catherine died in 1876. Dimmick died in 1872 so he had been dead for 4 years by then and we know exactly where the children went.

Then Amanda Long referred to her own sister Catherine as Nancy. Amanda was only about 10 or 15 years older so she should have known her.

Look at the birth dates we have for Samuel. There were a lot more that don't come to mind at the moment. It almost seems like a plot to keep me confused and it's working. I'll keep poking around as I have time but I think it wise to wait until I receive the service records before I get very serious about it. They may have recorded a next of kin when Samuel entered the army or someone to notify in case of his death.

I was looking at some of the information posted on the Richland Co OH site and Reuben Bumpus shows up several places. So does Jane, his wife. Reuben married Jane Wells sometime in the early 1830's A Reuben married a woman by the name of Colby or something in '52 I think and later a Jane Bumpus was listed in the Census with two children and no husband. Then down the road a Jane Bumpus married someone else. There could be two Janes and two Ruebens but a divorce would explain a scattering of the family.