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From: "marlowb"
Subject: Re: Sheriff Dillon
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 10:44:44 -0700

Not much to tell about my great grandfather Jeremiah Matthew Dillon. He was born somewhere in Ireland in about 1843 to Jeremiah and Margaret Dillon. They arrived in New York the early part of 1850 and were living in New York City in June or July when the census taker came around. Jeremiah Sr. was 34 that year. I believe they were living in MI. in 1860. Jeremiah Jr. joined the Union Army in 1862. After the war he was working in the mines and smelters in the area around where MO, AR, OK and KS come together. On June 15, 1871 he married 14 year old Clara Olive Gardner from IL who made the following notes on the back of a photograph of Jeremiah. "Jeremiah Matthew Dillon, b. Ireland. Immigrated to America at the age of 7 years. Bookkeeper, Engineer, Saloonkeeper, Jack of all trades and Merchant. Blue eyes, auburn hair, curly or wavy, medium size, 5 ft 5 to 8 inches. Medium weight 160. Married Clara Olive Gardner June 15, 1871 near Clarksville Arkansas, daughter of John Gardner, born near Effingham Illinois July 31 1857. Deserted by father after the war, took younger sister back to Louisville Kentucky and left considerable property. Half brother of Clara, Frank Gardner. oldest sister, Amie Elizabeth Belzura in 1930 was still living in Indiana Old Soldiers Home." Jeremiah Matthew Dillon may have been a sheriff at one point but I have no record of it.

They had 7 children the first of which was my grandmother, Mary Ellen. Then Olive, twins Oma and Nova, Frank, James and David. In 1880 they were living in Eureka Springs, Carroll County AR. Family lore has Jeremiah hunting squirrels with his Civil War musket to feed the family at times. He died in a mining accident sometime in 1889, probably in MO as his last son David was born in MO in December of that year and Clara Olive Dillon married John McGuire in Eureka Springs Christmas day of the same year.

It was a hard life for the miners then. They worked hard and were paid little. Many of them died young, usually in their 40's if lung disease. The McGuire/Dillon men all worked the mines and smelters until just after the turn of the century when they lived in Iola, Allen Co. Kansas. They showed up in Fresno and Selma CA in the 1910 census and most of the children followed, including my grandparents, aunt and father who became Deputy District Attorney of Fresno Co. at one point.

Not a very exciting life, more like a hard luck story but if you want to hear a real hard luck story, I could tell you about my fathers paternal grandparents.

Good luck and happy hunting,

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Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 8:24 AM
Subject: Sheriff Dillon

I am looking for Matt Dillon stories
. It seems that every Dillon family has one.
We also have one.

Many thanks

Dlae Winfree.

More to come...anybody is more than welcome to contribute...Just let us know.

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