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Samuel married Catherine Lattin in 1869 and Amanda Ballinger in 1881. I don't know who Amanda's child was if it lived but it would have been born in 1880 or 81 and would have been 5 at the oldest when Samuel died and George James Bumpus went to live with James Bumpus and work in his tavern.

I have noticed that the men in that "Tri State Area" died quite young and the women went through multiple husbands. This is much different than just a few years earlier when the husbands outlasted their wife's such as Dimmick Lattin did with his 1st wife, Catherin Holstin I believe it was.. I bet it was the lead and zinc mines and smelters that Killed the men.

That could explain the early deaths of Jeremiah Dillon, Samuel Bumpus and Frank Long, the first husband of Mary Lattin. Mary and Frank married in Jefferson AR in Feb of 1884 and Mary was married to J W Sawyer in 1880 and living in Littleton CO. with a 3 year old son, Ralph and an 8 month old daughter, Clara, both with the last name of Sawyer and no children named Long. Mary's brother George Lattin was the 5th person living there. As I mentioned before, Samuel and Clara may have gone to Co with the Sawyers and George Lattin and that may have been when Clara died "on the way West".

The 1880 census has the oldest Sawyer child as born in MO and the 3 month old and born in UT. so they were still living in MO in 1887 and in Utah in early 1880. Remember the 1880 census also has Samuel as being out of work 6 months and widowed.

Another thing that has occurred to me is that OK was still Indian Territory in 1880 and I have been unable to find a census for OK for that year. This could account for why we haven't been able to locate James Bumpus or George James and his sister Clara.

The family lore has James's tavern in OK doesn't it? This all gets so confusing and complicated at times and in the end it doesn't even matter. It seems all I have done so far is to prove the family story just that, a story. If you pass a story to enough people, it evolves into a completely different story.


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Marlow, Amanda Ballinger must have been Samuel's first wife, and perhaps James was her son - don't you think so?